Some of Hand Puppets submitted are designed by Roxi Precio, which has won many awards in recent years thanks to his designs, following the guidelines below.

1. In order to get new ideas puppet, I see a lot of pictures of animals, read books and magazines for children, go to the zoo and aquarium, and when I can, I travel the world to meet the animals in their natural habitats. I've been in Australia, Central America and Africa. Closer to home I can see the animals in the forest and the sea.

2. When I have a new idea, having spent much time studying the photos and decide how I want to display. Sometimes design sketches, but most of the time I get to make the pattern immediately. Usually it starts with lateral bodies, sections are sewn to see if the fabric is curved and the puppet is the way I have it displayed. Many SEW-ups are needed to get the perfect model. The average is about three weeks working on a puppet.

3. Once received the final prototype manufacturer how to do it explained. Make sure that the patterns and instructions are clear enough so that the production line can reproduce them without problem.

According Roxi Precio "a typical day begins in his workroom. In a large work desk with two sewing machines, a large collection of books about animals, shelves full of plush and cloth, and a large window overlooking the bird feeders, pine trees, and where he sees the deer walking through the yard. Make a puppet is a creative process, and sometimes is slow and frustrating. the reward is a final prototype that look great and the benefiting our customers. "

From Puppets expect the products we offer meet your expectations, because from design through manufacturing, and of course on shipping to your home, we put all our love and dedication to make it a special hand puppet.

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